Body Freedom Network

What we're about
The Body Freedom Network is dedicated to decriminalizing the human body in every corner of the world.
We believe that body freedom is a birth right. We believe in freedom of choice. We believe that nudity is a natural state and should be accepted as such regardless of cultural, religious and any other factors.

We believe that sexual freedom is an integral part of body freedom. Therefore, your sexual identity and your sexual preferences are entirely up to you and no one else.

We condemn forced genital mutilation, both female and male. We are against circumcision (unless done to an informed adult by choice).

Our goal is to liberate ourselves and the rest of humanity from body shame and to create a society where public nudity is as accepted as the sun and the moon.

Our greater goal is to create a society based on freedom of choice and respect for all individual freedoms. Our bodies were created to love and be loved. Criminalizing the human body is no different from criminalizing love.

Our ultimate goal is unity and love.

About the Network

We are open to everybody:
female or male, straight or gay.

This group was created by Gypsy Taub, a body freedom activist from Russia who is fighting against the San Francisco nudity ban. Gypsy also hosts a nude TV series My Naked Truth: www.MyNakedTruth.TV Body Freedom Network was created on February 14, 2014 - on the Lovers Day.

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We want to work together to accomplish these ideals.

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